(500) Days Of Summer (2009)

The bench from “(500) Days of Summer,” where Tom and Summer, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel respectively, sit and overlook the city, is another sad story of a film location soon to be lost.  The bench was located in a small park area once known as Angels Knoll in Los Angeles, California, now called Angels Landing.  Located directly beside Angels Flight from La La Land, the bench attracted many visitors after the release of the film, who enjoyed recreating the famous shot.

Sadly in 2013, the City of Los Angeles permanently closed the park, blocking it off with fencing and no trespassing signs.  Many years passed while the area sat unused and inaccessible to the public.  During this time, the Angels Flight was thankfully restored at put back into operation, so film lovers can at least rejoice that fact.  The fate of the “500 Days” bench and the Angels Knoll park in general wasn’t as optimistic, however.  The bench is actually still there, along with many other benches overlooking the city.  While they can still be seen, either through the fencing, or particularly better from the restaurant area overlooking the park, it is no longer possible to get an up close shot like the film.

Plans have since been announced for a high rise to be built in place of the park, so sadly the entire location will soon be gone.  Here we take a look back to when the park and bench were still open and accessible.  Stories such as this will always be part of the reckoning in an ever-changing world, but we try to document what we can while it’s there.


There was even a plaque on the bench commemorating the film, which read “Tom’s favorite place becomes one of Summer’s too.”  While the bench is still there (for now), the plaque has been removed.


LOCATION: 356 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA 90013 (permanently closed, soon to be demolished)

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