The Doors – Morrison Hotel

Lost in the decay of one of the more derelict areas of downtown Los Angeles sits the the former Morrison Hotel.  In it’s heyday, the hotel was a place for transients, with rooms available at discounted rates.  While the band originally asked permission to photograph on the premises, management declined.  In typical Doors fashion, however, the band snuck inside anyways, when the clerk left the front desk.  The famous cover photo was taken, without permission, on December 17, 1969.

Today, the building sits abandoned and in disrepair.  However, just behind the boarded up doors and windows exists some wonderful architecture and the interior to one of the most famous album photographs of all time, if only it could be seen.  It’s really a shame, as well as a missed opportunity, that such an iconic pop culture spot has been left in this condition.  The location just screams for a pop-up event to come along and restore the place to looking like it did in it’s prime.  Someone in the record label’s marketing department isn’t doing their job…  Nevertheless, it’s still a cool place to check out, if you know the history.

LOCATION:  1246 South Hope St., Los Angeles, CA 90015


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