Nowhere To Hide (1999)

The 1999 South Korean crime drama “Nowhere to Hide” tells the story of a detective on the hunt for a mysterious assassin. In an early, key scene in the film, Chang Sung-min, played by Ahn Sung-ki, attacks a man in the rain at the 40-stairs in Busan, South Korea. Also known as the 40-step stairway, the stairs are a tourist destination with cultural significance to the area. The 40-stairs was a place for family reunions during the evacuation period of the Korean War. It was also a scene of the frustrated lives of refugees. The refugees who lived there formed shantytowns on the mountain and climbed the 40-stairs every day to go to work or to raise water. The 40-stairs lost its original shape after the great fire in front of Busan Station on November 27, 1953. It was then rebuilt 25 meters to the south of its original location.

LOCATION: 40-step stairway, Jung-gu, Busan, South Korea (GPS coordinates: 35°06’14.1″N, 129°02’04.5″E)

The area to the right overlooking the stairs is where the attack first takes place in the film. There are many statues and sculptures in the area, such as the one of the left. It is also not far from the Busan Museum of Movies, which we recommend if you are in the area.

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