Night Of The Living Dead (1968)

The 1968 zombie classic “Night of the Living Dead” was shot, like much of director George A. Romero’s films, around Western Pennsylvania. In the film, Johnny and Barbara visit the Evans City Cemetery, located about 45 minutes north of Pittsburgh. They are seen driving up this entrance.

LOCATION: 8600 Franklin Rd, Evans City, PA 16033

They park in front of this chapel, which is located near the entrance of the cemetery. Most of the shots took place in this vicinity, making them fairly easy to locate once you enter.

The shots can of course be matched up by identifying the gravestones. Johnny and Barbara visit here and leave a cross.

A zombie approaches and attacks Johnny, as Barbara watches in horror from this gravestone.

Johnny battles to the ground with the zombie in front of this gravestone.

The farmhouse from the film has since been demolished. A different cabin now stands at the location. Here is the area where it once stood.

LOCATION: Near Ash Stop Rd, Evans City, PA 16033 (GPS coordinates: 40.784384, -80.027484)

Sheriff McClelland is interviewed about the zombies next to this bridge. The steel beams are no longer there. This is located just up the road from the farmhouse location.

LOCATION: Kohler Ln / Ash Stop Rd, Evans City, PA 16033 (near 252 Ash Stop Rd, Evans City, PA 16033)

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