The Music Box (1932)

The 1932 Laurel & Hardy film “The Music Box” won the Academy Award for Best Short Subject. The stairs from the film still exist in Los Angeles. Named the “Music Box Steps,” they can be found in the neighborhood of Silver Lake. For those interested, the film can be found online for free.

LOCATION: Music Box Steps, Los Angeles, CA 90026 (between 923 / 935 N Vendome St, Los Angeles, CA 90026, at the intersection of Del Monte Dr / N Vendome St)

The idea for the film came about when a writer for director Hal Roach passed by the stairs and thought it would be amusing to see Laurel & Hardy try to carry something heavy up them. The property on the right existed at the time of the film, but the area to the left was just empty land.

The median in the road on the right can be seen in the film.

The stairs consist of 131 steps.

At the top of the stairs is not a house, as depicted in the film. Those scenes were shot on the Hal Roach Studio lot. At the real location, there is another street at the top of the stairs. Both the top and bottom of the stairs have a street sign for the Music Box Steps.

At the base of the stairs, there is a plaque commemorating the film. However, it has become worn and faded, making it difficult to read. According to the plaque, the same location location was also featured in the lost 1927 Laurel & Hardy short film, “Hats Off.”

The stairs can either be accessed from N Vendome St at the bottom or Descanso Dr at the top.

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