The Skeleton Key (2005)

The 2005 film “The Skeleton Key,” starring Kate Hudson, was filmed in Louisiana. In the film, Caroline Ellis, played by Hudson, takes a job as a hospice caretaker and begins working at the Devereaux home, which is the central location of the film. The property is Felicity Plantation in Vacherie. The historical site is a sister property of St. Joseph Plantation and while St. Joseph’s has offered public tours, last we know of, they do not include visitation to Felicity Plantation. The house can be partially seen from the road, but it is mostly obscured by trees. The same property appeared in the films “12 Years a Slave,” “All the King’s Men” and “Mudbound,” as well as the TV series “Underground,” “Quarry,” “Queen Sugar” and the remake of “Roots.” It is located on the same road as St. Joseph Plantation, Evergreen Plantation and Oak Alley Plantation, all of which have appeared in numerous productions. The property shares the same address as St. Joseph Plantation, so be sure to use the GPS coordinates below if you want to identify the specific home.

LOCATION: 3535 LA-18, Vacherie, LA 70090 (GPS coordinates: 30°00’19.7″N, 90°45’55.2″W)

You, Me And Dupree (2006)

In the 2006 comedy “You, Me and Dupree,” Molly, played by Kate Winslet, lives in this house with Carl, played by Matt Dillon. The home, located in the West Adams neighborhood of Los Angeles, was curiously given a second story by the film production using vfx.

LOCATION: 2406 Gramercy Park, Los Angeles, CA 90018

Neil, played by Seth Rogan, lives in the house, which is located just around the corner from the above location.

LOCATION: 2170 W 24th St, Los Angeles, CA 90018

The Thompson building where Carl works is the former Nikken Building in Irvine, California, now known as the Masimo Building.  The same building has been used in many other productions, including “Iron Man,” “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story” and “All About Steve.”


LOCATION: 52 Discovery, Irvine, CA 92618