Have you ever dreamed of a complete resource for filming locations?  This is an ongoing effort to build a comprehensive database for all film, television and music video locations.  This database will differ from our featured articles, in that the aim is to simply to offer comprehensive location listings, regardless of whether we’ve been there or not.

This section is in its infancy, so we would lover reader contributions.  If you have a location to add, please contact us at  Please be sure to include complete location information; name of entity (if applicable) / address / city / state / zip code / country and of course a brief explanation of the scene/location.  You will be credited for your contributions, unless you prefer to stay anonymous.

Please bear with us while we expand this section.  For now, we are leaving it text-based, as our resources are spread between the database and blog.  However, if you have photographs you would like to contribute, feel free to send them, as we may integrate those in the future.  Please only submit photos you’ve personally taken.  We will continue refining features as the database progresses.

Film Locations – coming soon.

Television Locations – coming soon.

Music Video Locations – coming soon.